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Perhaps a new branch

Posted by Hinchliffe, David ( on April 11, 2001 at 07:10:08:

Hi Jon!
Well, certainly you don't know me but we could be relatives. My name is David and I'm from germany, so please excuse my grammar. My dad, Roy, is english. And so are my brother and sister Mark and Vanessa. They all were born in London. my brother still lives there. My sister lives in a suburb of London. We have a lot of relatives in englan. In all parts of england. In Land's End, in north england (of course), in Germany and in Australia as well!
Me, myself live in Dingdorf. That's in the Eifel, a region next to Belgium and Luxemburg. perhaps you have heard of Bitburger beer, that is just around the corner of us.
The name of my grandad was John, perhaps that maight help you.
I would be pleased if you write back.
Bye, David.

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