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Hinchliffes of Sheffield

Posted by Karen Hill ( on March 04, 2001 at 19:36:00:

I've decided that the Hinchliffes of Sheffield were
bricklayers in a former life as they've built so many brick walls !!
I'm looking for my great grandfather one Tom Hinchliffe, born or so it says in Sheffield. He married an Elizabeth Best from Cardif and eventually they turn up on Newcastle Street in Sheffield to my knowledge having had 3 daughters, Winfred, Gwendoline and my grandmother Glenfinella. Sadly Elizabeth dies in 1906 from breast cancer and exhaustion and for some reason the girls go to live with George and Eliza Phillipson on Princess Street also in Sheffield. I could never figure out why until I traced this address backwards and came across one Elijah Hinchliffe Phillipson. He's my link but I don't know how. I also don't know what happened to Tom Hinchliffe or the eldest of the three daughters Winifred. The family story is she left home at 15 to go into service.
Any clues give me a shout -

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