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Posted by Jonathan G. Hinchliff ( on September 07, 2000 at 04:44:19:

Greetings to you all. My brother Peter Emerson Hinchliff of Edmonds,Washington USA directed me to this website. I am really very happy to say that originally I descended from the Hinchliff family of Clayton West in Yorkshire,England. My Father, William Emerson Hinchliff of Rockford, Ill USA is descended from a Great Grandfather who came over here around the early or mid 1800's. My Fathers Father was Ralph Hinchliff and I do believe it was his Grandfather who came from Clayton West, Yorkshire. My Dad,Brother and myself visited Clayton West in 1972 and visited the little church up on the hill in that area. Many Hinchliffs' were to be found in the church cemetary dating back hundreds of years. If you are interested in replying to this bulletin board message you may contact me at your leisure at Yosemitespring@aol.com and I will do my very best to answer any followup query's you may have. Sincerely, Jonathan G. Hinchliff Escondido,Ca USA

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