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Are you related to this Hinchliffe family?

Posted by Tracy Hinchliffe Sawyer ( on August 17, 2002 at 02:04:55:

I am looking for anyone related to this family:

1 John jr. Hinchliffe,Dec 28,1820 Netherthong, woolens
m. Hannah
2 Mary Ann H. b. 1848, scholes
2 Thomas H. b.1859, scholes
2 William H. b1861, Scholes, farmer
m. Mary
3 John Thomas H. b.11/12/1884 Netherthong
3 Robert H. b.1/16/1886 Netherthong
3 Edith H. b.9/15/1887 Netherthong
3 Amy H. b. 2/6/1890, Netherthong
2 Sarah H. b. 1862, Scholes
2 Emma H. b. 1865 Netherthong
2 John Roberts H. b. 10/24/1867

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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